Dogs must have current vaccinations or titer tests for bordetella, rabies, and DHPP.  Proof of vaccinations or titer tests is required.

We are unable to walk you dog without this information.

Pet Licensing

Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 349, requires that all dogs and cats owned in Toronto be licensed and wearing a tag.


Extreme Weather

In the best interest of your pet and the walker.  Any time an extreme weather alert is issued your dog will go out long enough to relieve themselves.

Behaviour and Safety

No aggression towards animals or humans.

We have received many requests to bring new clients with our existing clients to help train their dog and socialize them.  We can not put any of our dogs in harms way and we are not permitted to use them as training tools.


Pets must be house trained or pee pad trained.

Two hour window

We do our very best to arrive at the same time on a daily basis but can be delayed due to construction, traffic or a problem with a pet at an earlier visit.


Cancellations received after 9 am the day of the service will be charged 50% of the rate.

If we arrive at your home and your dog is not there or we are unable to gain access to your home you will be charged the full amount of the walk.

Sick Dogs

It is mandatory that we are advised prior to any  group activity if your dog is sick.  We will still come and take your dog out long enough to relieve themselves but will not expose them to the other pack members when they are not well.


Invoices are issued on a weekly, 15th & 31st or monthly basis.

Accepted payment methods are cheque, cash and email money transfer.

Off Leash Adventures

Picking up and dropping off the dogs is not included in the 60 minutes.  The clock starts once the pack is together!

Off Leash privileges are not automatic.  Before a dog is permitted to join an off leash adventure at one of the City of Toronto’s fenced off leash parks, a relationship must be established between your pup and our team.